Solar cleaning service launches in Pakistan and claims an increase upto 30% energy after using its service – SoWash

SoWash, a specialized solar cleaning company, plays a crucial role in addressing the challenges and ensuring the effective cleaning and maintenance of solar panels in Pakistan.

With each passing day, more rooftops, fields, and industrial complexes are adorned with sleek solar panels, harnessing the power of the sun to generate clean electricity.

It’s crucial to clean solar panels professionally to Maximize energy production and prolong the panel lifespan which in turn makes a better return on investment. SoWash provides expertise and experience by using trained professionals.

SoWash utilizes specialized equipment during the wash ensuring effective cleaning without damaging the panels surface. SoWash offers tailor made maintenance plans including scheduled cleanings at recommended intervals to keep the panels in optimal condition.

SoWash ensures a high level of safety while performing the wash so that your panels stay free of any kind of damage due to human error.

For further details, you can contact Sowash directly at 111-SoWash or WhatsApp them directly at 0345-1111057

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